• Conduct site visits at intervals appropriate to the stage of BHS/CBIS installation to observe the progress of the work and determine if the work is generally proceeding in accordance with the requirements of the contract documents
  • Review components to determine if they are the project approved components and that they are installed as specified
  • Review conveyor incline and decline angles to determine if they are per project drawings
  • Review connecting conveyor gaps to determine that they are not excessive
  • Review proper alignment of conveyors to minimize jam potential
  • Review belt types and speeds are as specified
  • Verify that vibration and seismic control are adequately addressed throughout the BHS/CBIS
  • Review installed components for maintenance accessibility
  • Review placement of tracking photo eyes and detection devices to determine if they are installed in the proper sequence and specified locations
  • Verify that all hardware is furnished, installed, and tightened as specified
  • Verify that the BHS/CBIS functionality is per the project documents
  • Work with the BHS/CBIS contractor to identify and correct discrepancies
Quality Assurance
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