About VTC

VTC is a highly respected leader in the design and implementation of integrated airport security solutions – in particular baggage handling systems (BHS), Checked Baggage Inspection Systems (CBIS) and Security Screening Checkpoint (SSCP) systems.  Our clients rely on the unique depth of expertise and consistent level of excellence provided by our team resulting in best-in-class solutions whether for a green-field site or overcoming the challenges of installation and implementation in live airport environments. 

Our knowledge has been gained with experience in over 300 projects at more than 90 sites nationwide and our cultural commitment to continuous learning.  Through a variety of contractual arrangements, key customers include airports, port authorities, airlines, consultants, contractors, and TSA. 

VTC’s history of success is largely attributable to the following factors:


BHS design and implementation is a pillar of VTC’s existence and has evolved into a strong, specialized practice in the implementation of efficient and cost-effective integrated airport security systems. VTC is the only BHS design firm in the United States, and possibly the world, to own and operate its own BHS, and therefore has a unique perspective and understanding of the functional and operational concerns that any design must address. 

People & Skills

Throughout our history of airport project delivery, VTC has built a staff of management, engineering, and subject matter experts to provide clients with the full range of planning, design, construction, testing, and implementation support services.


VTC’s commitment to quality and attention to detail is evident throughout the project lifecycle.  Systems designed by VTC are based on stringent standards for quality and objective product expertise that when combined, result in operationally efficient and cost-effective solutions.  VTC systems meet TSA design standards and pass iSAT testing and commissioning while achieving performance targets significantly above industry standards.  We are committed to the ultimate success of our projects to support our clients’ immediate needs and long-term goals.  As our references will verify, our projects are completed on schedule and within budget.


VTC invests resources and participates in advanced technology research, hands-on troubleshooting, and issue resolution, as well as project and design lessons learned sessions, enhancing our ability to creatively address challenges that occur in complex, dynamic airport environments. 

Dedication to the Aviation Industry

Our unique relationships, our broad experience, and our continued research with and feedback from baggage handling and security equipment manufacturers, allows us to assist our clients by developing effective and efficient airport systems with the flexibility to adapt to future needs. 

Our Cause 

To provide SUPERIOR BHS/CBIS design and related airport systems.


Our Core Values