VTC has a long history and commitment to in-house research and development (R&D).  VTC’s R&D team identifies needs and develops solutions for first article products and improvements to processes and procedures.

VTC’s R&D competencies include strategic planning for technology, programs and activities; concept development, first article testing and requirements analysis; system design, engineering and integration; developmental and operational testing and evaluation; and modeling and simulation.

Modeling & Simulation

VTC uses cutting edge tools to validate designs for checked baggage inspection systems. By using a proprietary customized extension of AutoMod to model a system, a physically and technically accurate 3D visualization is created, allowing for an insightful understanding of the system being designed. 

VTC simulations have shown to be extremely accurate when compared to actual system performance.  Once implementation is complete, performance has been measured to be within 4% of the predicted throughput rate.  Effective simulations allow VTC to stand firmly behind their designs and validate anticipated system performance.

VTC has also produced simulations of passenger screening checkpoints, used to evaluate and as a training tool for new security concepts of operations, including TSA’s risk-based security initiative.

VTC’s R&D Services

  • Strategic planning for technology programs and activities
  • Static and dynamic modeling
  • Concept development, first article testing, and requirements analysis
  • System design, engineering and integration
  • Developmental and operational testing and evaluation
  • Modeling and simulation