Airport Integration Test Lab (AITL)

Security system innovation–proven by experience, revolutionized through collaboration.

As an industry leader in technological inventiveness and solutions, VTC has created the Airport Integration Test Lab (AITL), the only place in the world to offer independent and objective integrated systems testing capabilities in an operationally realistic environment.

VTC offers objective, third party testing of baggage systems and related components in our 33,500-square-foot Airport Integration Test Lab (AITL). Launched in 2010, the test lab integrates checked baggage processing and automated baggage inspection system components in an operationally realistic environment. Monitored and supported through an airport-like control function, system performance, baggage statistics and data are captured and analyzed. The process provides a realistic understanding of the risks, benefits and opportunities that exist with specific system components, configurations and scenarios.

The AITL offers companies the ability to push their equipment and systems to performance limits without risking negative effects for customers. It also offers companies a way to test their products in a fully networked environment and obtain an objective evaluation of performance by a third party, lending greater credibility for future product marketing.

The AITL and VTC’s R&D Unit also serve to facilitate TSA’s qualification of explosives detection equipment in both stand-alone and integrated modes. Effective July 1, 2014, TSA implemented a policy both endorsing and, in some cases, requiring OEM use of TPT. VTC’s TPT results have been accepted by TSA, leading directly to formal qualification and procurement of security screening systems. In their own words, “TSA believes TPT adoption by OEMs is a key element of a suite of solutions to streamline the T&E process. The efficiencies gained by OEMs adopting TPT can accelerate implementation schedules, reduce procurement delays, and reduce time-to-market.”

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AITL Today

Launching the AITL to the standards we expect has been an intensive effort. Our thanks to the early adopters of the AITL as mentioned in the Airport Improvement Magazine’s January 2012 article: Independent, Integrated Lab Puts Baggage Systems to the Test by Jodi Richards (January-February, 2012)

The technologies integrated in our initial evaluation cycle are proving our theory that three controls architectures can effectively work together.  This is great news for airports where legacy and new technologies must be integrated to create a unified delivery system.  Meanwhile, these initial test cycles are allowing us to strengthen our testing methodology and support model for our future testing efforts.

Schedules for the next cycle of testing are being developed.  We are looking forward to the planned integration and testing of a Next Gen EDS machine to be announced soon.

“We’re very privileged and grateful for the opportunity afforded us in reviewing the CTX 9800 DSi within the excellent VTC Facilities. The installation and test loop were first class and a fantastic way to showcase systems and subsystems in an operationally realistic environment. Having this independent approach to trialing BHS & EDS equipment significantly reduces business and operational risks for Airports across the world which, ordinarily, falls to the Airport’s Authorities and airlines to own.”

~ Matt Payne, Baggage Operational Assurance Manager; Gatwick Airport